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Seorang blogger, pelayar internet, penyelam scuba dan penagih tegar televisyen dan Wii. Melihat seluruh dunia di laman blog menerusi kamera DSLR dan kacamata tebalnya (kadang-kadang kanta lekap).

Mengkritik tidak bererti menentang, menyetujui tidak semestinya menyokong, menegur tidak bermakna membenci, dan berbeza pendapat adalah kawan berfikir yang baik.

Unabashedly "Limited Edition"

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Unabashedly "Limited Edition"

Muzaffar Mustapa @sultanmuzaffar


Dial-Up Dreams and Digital Destiny

Before we kickstart this time-travelling escapade through the tapestry of my life, let me set the scene: a world where the internet screeched like a banshee every time it connected and being "online" meant nobody could call your house. Yes, dear reader, I hail from the era of dial-up dreams, where my digital destiny was forged not in the fire of today's gigabit connections but in the slow, painstaking sizzle of a 56k modem.

From the get-go, my life seemed to follow the pattern of a poorly coded website—full of unexpected bugs and moments that made you hit the refresh button. But as with any good tech, it's the quirks that make the system unique, and boy, was my system unique.

So, buckle up (or should I say login?) for a ride through the digital age, seen through the eyes of a man who still remembers his first email password but can't recall what he had for breakfast. This is not just a story; it's an operating system update for the soul.

"The journey of a thousand websites begins with a single click." - A Techie's Twist on Lao Tzu.

iPhone underwater

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TAT7 iPhone scuba case :)

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