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Entri oleh sultanmuzaffar 21 October 2002

Aku baru order buku ini dari Amazon.com: The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog. Aku berminat nak kaji tentang weblog dengan lebih lanjut. Mana tahu jika ada rezeki, aku nak buat Master.

the weblog handbook

When Perseus Publishing asked me to write a book on weblogs, I laughed. A book about weblogs? Everything you need to know is on the web!

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I've learned in three years of maintaining my own site--some of which is so obvious to experienced online denizens it doesn't seem worth explaining, but that as a newcomer I wouldn't have known to ask. Thus the weblog handbook was born.

I arranged the book in roughly the order I expect most people approach the subject, first explaining what weblogs are and why anyone would want to read or maintain one, and then moving through more practical considerations: how to choose a tool to update your site, how to make your weblog stand out, and how to attract an audience. I answer commonly asked questions about weblog etiquette, explain what you need to know about living online, and give you some suggestions for dealing with burn-out. In short, I've done my best to get everything I know about maintaining a weblog--any kind of weblog--onto the page so that you can benefit from my experience.

I also tried to place weblogs into a larger cultural and media context. In doing so, I explore the weblog's relationship to journalism, discuss the cultural context from which weblogs emerged, and examine the ways in which the community defined itself. I start the book with an explanation of the form and end with an examination of the emergence of the early weblog community in relation to pre-existing online culture, the ways in which old-media paradigms have informed perceptions and practitioners of the form, and the state of the Weblog Nation in 2002.

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