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Merdeka Anak Muda


Director: Riri Riza
Cast: Rachel Sayidina, Jajang C. Noer, Henidar Amroe, Arswendi Nasution, Marcella Zalianty
Format: Beta Digital, Colour, 83 mins, Indonesian Film

Eliana has just been sacked from her dreary department store job for kicking a customer in the crotch. Needing the support and comfort of her flat mate, Heni, Eliana returns home only to find her missing. However, there are two people waiting—a tough-looking guy demanding to see Heni, and Bunda, Eliana’s estranged mother, who has been gone these past five years. What ensues is a night of revelations and adventure as the two women criss-cross through the bustling Jakarta streets. For Eliana, the city is a place where dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, but for her mother it is a den of corruption and danger. By the night’s end their viewpoints have radically altered.

Award Winning

Singapore 02 FIPRESCI Prize, Young Cinema Award)
New Delhi Asian 02 (Best Actress: Jajang C. Noer)
Manila Intl. 02
Vancouver 02 (Special Mention)

Ulasan Eliana Eliana di Utusan Malaysia


Directed by: Piti Jaturaphat
Cast: Chatchai Plengphanich, Promporn Yuwawes, Than Thanakorn
Format: PAL Audio, Dolby Digital/dts, 120 mins, Colour, Thailand Film, 2002

Nakornsri Thammaraj, 1962: idealistic healthcare officer Kulasatri has been assigned to work in the cape village of Taloompuk where she meets Jaa Chang, a navy sergeant with a past wound from his idealism. Together, the pair witnesses the natural beauty of their surroundings and the purity of the southern villagers’ lifestyle. But a cross-religion love triangle starts to rage while a devastating storm approaches, threatening all life on Taloompuk cape. The movie recreates the scene of the natural disaster that killed more than ten thousand Muslim and Buddhist Thais.

Award Winning
Best Song
S. Actor: MR Mongkolchai Yukon World

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