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Entri oleh sultanmuzaffar 22 March 2004

From: luxen
Subject: Fwd: Election Night & The Media
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:10:47 -0000

Well, election's over (except for the few places going to the polls again).

Was watching the local media on the internet and on TV, was quite interesting flipping channels and surfing websites comparing what everyone was doing.

TV3 had the usual talkshow fare with cross-overs to reporters at hot states such as Terengganu and Penang. Most of the cross-overs were at BN or SPR's HQ. Would have been interesting to see what the opposition camps were up too (maybe those chinese supporters were serving up beer? hehe). The guess were a little boring as they were just warming up, but with the unoffical results started flowing in, commentaries on voting trends started to get interesting but the host had to
keep reminding viewers and the guests that they were unofficial results. The hosts were rotated every few hours to keep the commentaries fresh (plus BO smells bad in a studio heh).

Over at NTV7, the interesting use of video graphics had people glued to the TV as there was a constant update of official results as the hosts were talking. However, it got a little mundane, as the unofficial results on TV3 got more interesting (SPR couldn't confirm anything until 9PM onwards). The hosts were the same guys through the night, but by 1am onwards, they ran out of things to comment about and just started reading out results from a monitor in front of them.

RTM had a pretty good coverage too, the set colours were a little dull but they had almost the same manpower for cross-overs. Plus for the commentaries were focused more for the rural crowd. However, their cross-overs and live feeds had a one second delay, a little longer than TV3's. Live feeds from NTV7 was pretty bad at some instances, for example the PM's winning speech. Probably had a bad line.

8TV and Channel 9 had their usual programming but with results displayed on the side. I found myself watching Enterprise on Astro after awhile as the results stopped flowing in for awhile.

The two top websites for the night were The Star and Malaysiakini. Kudo's to the webteam for delivering up to date news round the clock into the wee hours. However, The Star failed to correct some of the unofficial results that were recounted, as Malaysiakini did. By 3pm, it looks like malaysiakini gave up updating their website already. I particularly liked Malaysiakini's format for the website. Headlines on the left, tally on the right. While The Star had a variety of webpages to surf too for indepth data, good thing they had a huge line, so download time was pretty fast.

The last one standing was suprisingly, RTM1. Amazing, their hosts had such stamina to go on for such long streches. While other channels were showing static, RTM1 was still announcing results. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed Pak Lah was going to make a suprise announcement during his winning speech that there would be a national holiday... but I guess there's no holiday considering some places haven't finished recounting the votes yet.

The SPR's website was quite the dissapointment, their small line couldn't accomodate the large number of hits.

Things that bugged me was the NTV7's daytime coverage, they crossed over to a reporter in PWTC and she interviewed a mother holding a baby and she tried to interview the month old baby too... wtf? One of the TV3's reporter, Junaidi got caught of guard during a live cross over when the crowd behind started celebrating and shouting suddenly and he didn't know what was going on. Looked like a deer caught in headlights.

And that over zealous guy waving the BN and Jalur Gemilang on stage when BN won the 2/3 majority. Looked really silly and trying too hard. Check out the handphones all the ministers were using, very canggih leh! I saw PM using an 02 PDA.

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