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Kuala Lumpur, Monday 29 March 2010. On behalf of Amber Chia, we wish to confirm that she has recently married her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for the past one and a half years, in a private ceremony in Bali. The ceremony was held at a private beach within the exclusive Diwangkara Holiday Villa Resort, and was attended by approximately 40 family members and close friends.

This wedding has actually been in the planning for the past 5 months, and the newlyweds are ecstatic that they were able to have a private ceremony with just their friends and family, something they both dreamed of. The couple also visited the beaches of Sanur, the lake of Bedugu and the cliffs of Uluwatu for their pre-wedding
photo & video shoot.

Amber's wedding dresses, 7 in total, were specifically designed for her by two of Malaysia’s top designers, Keith Kee and Alvin Tay. It is also confirmed that TV Host - Daphne Iking, Violinist - Dennis Lau & Catwalk Guru - Benjamin Toong attended the ceremony. Winnie Sin of Rafflesia also attended the ceremony and supplied the beautiful jewelry donned by Amber.

The couple will be shortly honeymooning at an undisclosed destination. Amber and her husband are looking forward to settling into life together. “We have discussed the future, and we definitely want to start a family together” said 28 year-old Amber, who jokingly added “I would love to be a mum before I am 30”.

On another note, Amber would also like to apologise for keeping tight-lipped about this relationship out of respect for the privacy of her husband's identity due to his "shy" nature, and would very much like to keep him out of the spotlight. However, it is confirmed that he is a Malaysian with businesses in Australia & Hong Kong.

Attached are a few photos from the couple's pre-wedding photo shoot, courtesy of ThePhotoz.com.

Due to Amber’s tight schedule and the upcoming honeymoon, interviews with the couple can be arranged for after the couple return from their honeymoon, end-April. The couple are looking forward to a quiet honeymoon to start their married life together, and we trust that you will respect their request for interviews only after their return.

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