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Entri oleh sultanmuzaffar 16 August 2003

Courtesy of Poems For The World website.

Poems For The World

The theme for this live music concert, entitled 'Poems for the World' is love. Love, in this context can be depicted as love to the Almighty, our nation, family and friends, and other human beings. The emphasis being that we all live in this world and the one thing we can all give to one another is LOVE.

Though the world today is filled with uncertainty, concern and anxiety to many of us, we should never stop seeking hope and upholding love and peace. It is not our intention to blame or criticize others, or find answers to problems that we face, but we want to convey our message that love and respect can bring us together and help one another through these difficult times.

With enchanting lyrics and fine rhythms that are composed into songs; simple words arranged into poems of love and peace; these two components are put together in a compelling and artistically entertaining fashion to demonstrate our feelings for all those we care about.

It is hoped that the content of this concert will evoke feelings of love and affection during it's brief duration and that the audience will leave, taking with them the inspiring messages this concert portrays.

Through this promising event, a substantial portion of proceeds from ticket sales will be dedicated under the auspices of Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras as a token of expression of love and care to those who need.

The basic concept of this concert emphasizes on the following aspects:

Poems For The World

• Humanism: An expression of human's interaction in the form of pantomime and creative dance segments with a difference. These segments will be integrated throughout the event of the night intending to inspire the audience's reactions & feelings towards the main message of the concert.

• Manifestation: The concert intends to combine all the elements of theatre, dance, and music into one common goal of a universal message for peace & love for humanity.

• Harmony: A continuous flow of sequential segments in the event is to keep the atmosphere and audience's response alive. Each performer will convey messages of peace and love in their respective style.

Based on the event concept, the program is subsequently divided into 4 segments.

Poems For The World

1. Picture of life
This is an expression through a pantomime with actors depicting various characters in life. DR. Wan Zawawi will recite poems of his own.

2. The innocent
It presents visuals depicting the younger generation of the world that become unfortunate victims of circumstances.

3. Message to mankind
The selection of music supremo Zainal Abidin to open the event signifies how deep and devoted he portrays the message of the event. Visuals in harmony with the song will be screened together with a live theatrical dance sequence to give greater impact to the audience.

Poems For The World

1. Opening MC
The MC will appear from a hitech and futuristic set to start the event by acknowledging the presence of VVIP's, sponsors and presenting the event summary.

2. Appearance of Reza Artamefia
Reza will showcase through her songs the power of love and peace. On the strength of her lyrics from her latest album songs she will be able to highlight and create awareness from the audience.

3. Artistic presentation
This part will present the introduction of the next performer by utilizing props, act and dance.

4. First poem recital and act
Dian Sastrowardoyo who was the lead actress in "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" will recite the first poem in accordance with the theme.

5. Appearance of VE vocal group
Coming from the isles amongst the audience, VE will make their way to the stage and perform a few songs.

Poems For The World

1. Entrance of Ruth Sahanaya
Ruth Sahanaya will appear during the last song of VE vocal group.

2. Performance of Ruth Sahanaya
The performance of Ruth will highlight the message of peace and harmony. Her songs will not be limited to her own album only. Ruth will also be able to add script to convey her message and comments. Visuals of suitable theme will be shown with backing dancers in various forms.

3. Next poems recital and act
Nicholas Saputra, who was also acting in "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta", will recite the next poems in accordance with the theme. This part will also be accompanied by suitable visuals, special effects, props and background music.

4. Performance of Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin will perform some songs in line with the theme of the night. He will also voice his thoughts and feelings in the form of a short poem of which he is also famed for.

Poems For The World

1. Symbol of unity
The song "Imagine" will be presented by VE vocal group and Ruth Sahanaya.

2. The last poem
The last poem will be presented by the YB Senator Datuk Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and Patron of Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras.

3. Token of appreciation of love and care
Mock check presentation to the beneficiaries of the event, namely Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras amongst others.

4. All as one
This segment depicts the culmination of the night's event with all artistes coming together at the end of the segment to present an appropriate song.


Date : Friday, 22 August 2003
Time : 1930 to 2300 (7.30pm to 11.00pm)
Venue : Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Center (PWTC)
Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket Prices : RM 227, RM 127, RM 87, RM 37
(includes RM2 TicketCharge fee)

For more information about the concert, please visit the Poems For The World website at http://www.poemsfortheworld.com

Get your tickets Online or call TicketCharge Hotline at 03-7726 2002 or fax to 03-77265933 to get your tickets before the best seat are taken.

For more information, please email to

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