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Ah-Ha | The New TV3 Comedy Show - And It Is FUNNY! url link

Review by Mr. Haxa Does The Blogs

[Picture: TV3 website]

If Ah-Ha, the new comedy show that has just got its pilot episode aired on TV3 could hold on to its blend of casts and content, it is probably the best comedy show there is in town! It looks like the Senario Dream Team might as well restrategize their comedy direction and that TV3 have just found a new show that could boost its rating as well as attract a new audience group for its local programming content.

This half an hour show in some ways could be described like an a-la Saturday Night Live, where host Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskandar together with an ensemble of cast from the theatre scene in the like of Rashid Salleh, Jit Murad, Eda Nerina, Lina Teo, etc. acted out at their best the satirical perspective of being Malaysian, in three different sketches i.e. the Malaysian rockers lingos, the obsession on South/Central American soap operas, and the ever annoying attitude in our cinemas; in this very first episode.

And Afdlin Shauki attempt to deliver these kinds of jokes in Ah-Ha is worthy of praise compared to his Astro's Bila Larut Malam.

To all the haters of slapsticks, sexual innuendo jokes, as well as the annoying portrayal of she-male on local sitcom, this one definitely defies all the convention of typical humor formula for it will bring back the local comedy scene on Malaysian TV to a new level. Kopitiam could just forget being funny!

And as far as I could remember, the last time I laughed hard on a sitcom was during this Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Raymond stole Robert's "regret" to woo over Debra's. And this time these lines really made it! In of the sketch that took place at a local cinema:

Harith: Hi-ya, I also support local film industry.
Afdlin: I see, so, what was the last Malay film you watch?
Harith: Entrapment lor. Got KLCC and the Malacca river in it!

Monday night is definitely the night to be at home. And if Star World keeps on airing same 'ol episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, then just forget it! Ah-Ha is definitely the ultimate choice!

This is how TV3 describes this show on the station's website:

January, 5 at 9.30 pm. Ah Ha has a rare blend of ingredients and value. They are twisted and grossly misunderstood value-a sure-fire way to spice up the bland array of comedy shows now available on TV. It has an identifiable cast placed in situations they rarely seen in and characters that you can laugh at. Granted, the wicked and offbeat humor may be hazardous to some individuals but what better way to rid those blues than with a touch of comic relief. (Cast: Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar)

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