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TV3 Explorace 01-02, Airdate: 28 Jan 2004 by Nick

ExploracePreviously on Explorace, team Sanjeev and Ravin faced of against team Kumar and Toh in race that started at the Ipoh Railway Station, Perak. The race split the teams up with one half looking for the clue envelope in a cave temple and the other went on a quest to find the perfect coffee beans in Ipoh market. From clues that they obtain at their respective checkpoints, one team had to become a stable boy at a horse farm for an hour in their quest to find their golden box while the other team had to find their golden key a the maze-like jumble of corridors and stairs at a disused tin-mining dredging complex. With both gold box and key in had, the teams were then directed to complete their next task of tapping 10 rubber trees before being directed to their last destination at Kellie’s Castle where team Sanjeev and Ravin crossed the finish line first with a commanding lead and became the first team to qualify into the next round of competition.

Explorace moves to Kuantan, Pahang this week for the race between team Hana and Syari against team Ayu and Zoro which began at the Kuantan Mosque grounds. Both teams were equally excited and eager to begin the race which first will split the team into two routes. Route 1 pitted equally energetic contestants, Hana and Ayu, against each other in a race to find a Buddhist monk at Gua Charas for their next destination clue that they will get if they answer a travel trivia question correctly. In the second cave temple hunt in back to back episodes, the two contestants were directed to find the bus that would take them to the bus stop near the cave temple where they would find the bicycle that they will use to cycle the rest of the way.

Both Hana and Ayu seemed to reach the bus station at almost the same time thanks to the directions of the helpful locals. I do believe that they got a much easier time getting directions compared to the teams from last week as they were very calm and polite about it instead of being hyper-competitive all the time. Hana was also told which bus to take to the cave temple when she called Syari to tell her partner where she had to go to. This led me to believe that either Syari was herself from the area or that she has really done her homework well in terms of getting to know the lay of the land. Hana was able to board the bus first and tried to keep out of sight to try to jump ahead of her competition by not tipping her off of which bus to board which would have worked for her if there were more buses at the bus station. Ayu was able to find the correct bus with time to spare and the two competitors were off to their next destination.

In Route 2, Syari and Zoro were directed to take a taxi to Kuala Sg Chini to find a local caretaker for their quiz questions. If they fail to answer their question, they have to complete their penalty task which for this week requires them to canoe from Kuala Sg Chini jetty for the distance of 10 km to the Chini Lake Resort where they would get their envelope containing the clue for their next destination. Both arrived at almost the same time after a short taxi race that saw both contestants racing neck to neck for most of the time. I’m not sure if it was the editing or if they made some changes after the first race but it seemed that finding the person who had their destination clue was much easier this week compared to the 1st episode. After failing to answer their trivia question, they moved to their respective canoes to begin their 10 km paddle to their next destination at the Chini Lake Resort.

In a post race confession, Zoro admitted that she had a lot of problems with the canoeing section of the race as she had not prepared for it. She found it difficult for her to control the canoe which caused her to frequently his the river bank during her 10 km paddle which left her exhausted when she finally reached the Chini Lake Resort. Syari, on the other hand, seemed to be comfortable with the physical task and held a commanding lead of nearly 30 minutes ahead of Zoro. After reaching the resort, both contestants were directed to go to the Tokoh Museum to meet up with a designated local who be the passenger that they have to take to RM Batik shop on a trishaw. After completing the first clue, Syari was leading Zoro by about half an hour.

Hana and Ayu didn’t run into any problems finding their assigned bicycles that they have to use to get to the cave temple to complete Route 1. While Ayu sped off easily on quest to find the monk, Hana ran into some problems trying to balance on the bicycle. In a confession in the taxi on her way to the Museum, Syari confided that Hana was in for a tough time with the bicycle as she knew that Hana would have a problem with balancing on it. It what I think is a first on this series; Hana had to be bleeped out when she fell off the bicycle at one point of the journey. Fortunately for her, she was not hurt and seemed to take her accident in stride.

Due to her troubles on the bicycle, Ayu was able to surge ahead and find the monk who had their trivia question first which she also failed to answer. The penalty task that they had to complete for this section was to climb up to the main cave where the Sleeping Buddha statue was and search for the envelope containing their next destination in a dark, wet and slippery cave. Hana seemed to be able to close the gap after also failing to answer her travel trivia question as both contestants seem to be racing neck to neck again by the time they completed the climb up to the Sleeping Buddha. In a refreshing twist, the envelope that they have to find was hidden in the cave along with several decoy envelopes that had them running all over the cave to find the correct one. After several tries, Ayu managed to find the correct envelope first and was quickly on her way to Club Med, Cherating which was to be their next destination. On the way out, we get to see Hana trip and fall down again which she recovered gracefully although I can only imagine her embarrassment having fallen twice on national TV. I also think that she had her bicycle helmet on backwards when she cycled back to the main road to get a taxi to Cherating. At least I think it was backwards since it looked funny to me.

When we returned to Route 2, we find Syari arriving first at the Tokoh Museum and finding the correct passenger that she was suppose to bring to the RM Batik shop which was a local place where visitors could draw and paint their own batik piece which was the task that they have to complete for this round. Since they were not given a map, Syari had to ask around for directions from the locals and fortunately for her the shop seemed to be a well known place because she kept asking directions for “RK Batik” instead of RM Batik which was the correct destination as was stated in the clue. Once she reached her destination, she was given a piece of piece of cloth and batik design to copy from and color to the satisfaction of the shop worker before being allowed to search for the gold box that contained their final destination.

While Syari was getting into the batik making process, Zoro arrived at the museum and located her passenger. Unlike her competitor, Zoro ran into problems with her trishaw right from the beginning. Unused to the uneven weight distribution of driving the trishaw, Zoro had a difficult time steering the trishaw straight. She was unable to compensate for the extra weight which caused her trishaw to apparently hit a parked car which unfortunately for her caused some damage to the wheel of the trishaw. She had to get down and look for help to try to fix the now bent wheel. The wheel problem was further aggravated when she hit a road divider later which forced her to push the trishaw part of the way and caused her to lose even more time in the race. By the time Zoro reached the batik shop, Syari was almost finishing her batik piece and was soon later on her way to find the golden box that was hidden somewhere in the shop. After what I would think was a frustrating search for her, Syari managed to locate the box and was on her way to the team task destination located at a fishing village at Kampung Beserah.

In another taxi race to their destination, Hana managed to get the faster taxi this time and arrived ahead of Ayu at Club Med, Cherating. Once there she was directed to take the assigned shuttle to the nearby beach where she had to take a boat to Pulau Ular where the golden key that she had to search for was anchored on the sea bed along with several decoy boxes. She called in to check her partner’s progress and shared her excitement about being in Club Med. Syari also told to read the clue carefully so she didn’t miss anything which was a definite sign for me that Syari was wise in the ways of reality race shows. As luck would have it, Hana run into problems again getting the correct box that held the golden key that she was supposed to find. In a confession, she told us that she mush have opened 7 or 8 boxes before finding the correct on which cause her to loose the slim lead that she have over Ayu. After finding the golden key, both contestants had to drive to a salted fish processing factory and wait for their respective partners before beginning the team task.

While Hana and Ayu were heading for the salted fish factory, Syari was having a frustrating time finding the correct bus to get to Kampung Beserah for the final team task. She called Hana on the phone and vented her frustration and fear of losing her huge lead over the other team just because the bus was hard to get. To her credit, Hana kept her head and managed calmed down an agitated Syari. I have to say that I initially thought that Hana was the excitable one of the group but in a pleasant twist she turned out to be the more level headed of the two. Syari finally got a bus that would take her to meet up with her partner just as Zoro finished her batik piece and started searching for the team’s gold box. I have to say that the show producers really hid it well as I would never think to search for the box in the clothes rack. Zoro promptly faced the same problem Syari had with the bus as well as the problem of finding small change for the bus fare. She had to beg for bus fare from a kind stranger as she was not sure that they bus would have change for the RM 50 that she was given for the race.

Keeping the huge lead all the way to Kampung Beserah, Syari was lucky enough to find a young man who was willing to drive her all the way to the salted fish processing factory where Hana was waiting for her. Since it was not specified in the clue how she was supposed to get there, I think this was a valid and smart move on her part as this choice would cut out the time that she would have needed to find the correct location. Her arrival must have caused Ayu to think that there was similar transport arranged for Zoro when she arrives at Kampung Beserah which she called Zoro and informed her to expect. Unfortunately for the viewers, we don’t get to see if Zoro actually waited for a car to take her to meet up with Ayu since it was not included by the editor.

The team task that they had to complete at the salted fish processing factory involved getting a wheelbarrow full of fish from the beach and cart it over to the processing plant where they had to clean the fish before being put out to dry. We get to see Hana almost falling down again for the third time which really tempted me to give her a nickname for future reference but I decided against it as I didn’t want to be cruel. In fact I have to admit that I am as klutzy as her that kind of endears this team to me. Despite the close calls, the two manage to laugh it off and work together to clean the fish that they were given and later laid the processed fish cuts out to dry in the sun. After completing this task, they were allowed to open the gold box with they gold key that they had to reveal the last destination that they had to go to.

To reach their final destination, the teams were directed to follow a marked path on the nearby beach to reach the Teluk Chempedak Beach were their final task awaited. The final task which should be familiar to Survivor viewers involved digging up jigsaw pieces that have been buried under marked mounds to complete their puzzle. Team Hana and Syari was well into this task when team Ayu and Zoro started their salted fish processing challenge. By the time team Ayu and Zoro completed their job; team Hana and Syari had already finished their puzzle and walked up to the finish line with a commanding lead of 40 minutes. Team Ayu and Zoro decided to walk to the final puzzle beach instead of trying to get to it faster in hopes to conserve their strength for the final challenge but I think that this was a wrong strategy to take especially when you are quite a ways behind. I guess that somewhere during their walk they must have realized this mistake and have accepted that they would not be able to beat team Hana and Syari. Despite the knowledge that they were not going to win this race they were still able to keep their spirits up and even break into a song on their way to finishing the race. Once they completed their puzzle, they were congratulated for finishing but were informed that they have been eliminated from the race.

All in all, tonight’s episode was better that last week and we also get to see some of the strategy used by the contestants. The editing was a bit more exciting this time around as it was tighter and more in line like a reality show although I have to say that towards the end it got a bit loose again. I’m not sure if all the episodes are already edited but it would be interesting if they were able to improve the editing in proceeding episodes as the season progressed. At least this time around the viewers are spared the annoying person search to get the clue envelope that plagued the last episode. The refreshing twist of putting in decoys in what they had to find also help level the playing ground a bit and made the game less like one that the contestant need only blindly get to a place to meet a man who will give them something. As for the contestants this week, I believe that they were equally balanced but good strategy and luck helped team Hana and Syari, which I think I will give the nickname Team Spunky for their good humor and personality, to surge ahead and qualify for the next round.

Next week Explorace goes to Johor Bahru, Johor with 2 more teams and we also get to see the episode with the bloody nose (?) shot that they have been using on the promos.

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