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Diana Danielle Needs Your Help

Entri oleh sultanmuzaffar 18 January 2010

by sultanmuzaffar in English

Who says celebrities can’t set virtuous examples to society? Artistes are role models and, regardless of how famous he or she may be, has a responsibility to do their part for the community. Every single plan of action, be it their fashion sense, food preferences and everything else they do will influence their fans. There will be hiccups once in a while but it shouldn’t be the reason for us to judge them.

A young artiste like Diana Danielle, for example, must be a positive role model not only to her grown up fans but also to youths. On her own initiative, Diana has gone through a seven hour road trip to be with the Orang Asli Bateq, the indigenous people of Kuala Koh, Gua Musang, Kelantan.

For Diana, it’s a unique experience and a great opportunity to understand the meaning and value of life during her time with the native minority. The experience with them made her realize the existence of the Bateqs and their way of life within the beautiful flora and fauna of the ancient beautiful rainforest.

Diana visited the Bateqs with a group of photographers from DigitalDome Photography who has lend their hands and lenses in helping her in immortalizing her experiences during the visit. She was extremely humbled and touched to see the life of these people who are living amongst nature in its most basic form minus the luxury of electricity, fast foods, water supply in which those in the city take for granted.

As for the Bateqs, their home is their heaven. There are children ages from 1 month to 11 years old and, for typical city kids, a normal environment would be their schools but that’s not the case with these children. They don’t have the privilege of learning the alphabets and algebra as their learning institution is the forest.

What will these children’s future be like without basic education? Will living in the forest be enough to change the fate of their families and their people? For Diana, she feels that this would not be the case as, to the young lass, formal education is very important. A life without basic human necessities is very difficult one. A basic home should at least have water supply and a proper toilet for hygienic reasons.

Diana Danielle also stresses that she would love to see changes in the Bateq’s quality of living. She hopes that the government would seriously consider upgrading the life of these unique community, and in the spirit of 1Malaysia, we must all feel and empathize with what the Bateqs are going through.

As a first step, the singer and actress is pleading to the generous people of Malaysia to donate stuff of basic needs to the Bateq community. Among the goods required by them are children’s books, medicines, milk, shoes, clothes etc. For more info, visit sultanmuzaffar.blogspot.com

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